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Artist statement

What are you, a sissy?

When I was about 7 years old my mother bought me a Spice Girls cd, I was too embarrassed to buy myself. When I had friends over to play I’d hide it under my bed.

I remember very well in 8th grade how scared I was when I was biking for my life while being chased by other boys on mopeds that wanted to beat me up. I never understood what I did to make them mad. Still the fear and running away changed something in me.

Painting for me always came from a place of inner conflict. I always was a lot softer than other boys and didn’t understand how they could hurt one another. Everyone seemed to be so convinced of things I saw completely differently. Like there was a code of conduct that was the norm to everybody but I didn’t get the memo.

All of this has contributed to my desire to be physically imposing. I see the bodybuilding lifestyle that I live as an undocumented performance that informs my painting practice. I am my own muse and try to confirm as well as challenge hyper-masculine traits and features.

Painting has enabled me to approach things that I thought or felt with more distance and to explore and imagine alternative views.

Blooz Gallery about Bas Schippers

Jackelien: “When I saw the work of Bas for the first time at the  graduation exhibition I was blown away. His work is very authentic, artist and person are woven in his paintings. I was moved by his paintings in which I saw the contradiction of softness and power at the same time. This is reflected in the subjects of his work, use of color and technique which varies from hard carving in to the board to gently painted flowers and figures.”



2017-2021  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting – Aki ArtEZ , Enschede, Netherlands, NL

2021-2023 Master of Fine Arts in Painting – Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, Netherlands, NL



2022 | KunstRAI represented by BLooz Gallery


Group exhibitions

2020 | regnōsis (online)

2021 | AKI Finals

2021 | Ron Mandos Best of Graduates 2021

2021 | SBK Sprouts Young Talents 2021


Solo exhibitions

2021 | MILK Café, Melkweg EXPO

2021/2022 | De Gelderlandfabriek

Bas Schippers, Flaccid