Lydia Duijmelinck,爆炸 (Explosion)


Lydia Duijmelinck,爆炸 (2018) Explosion, Monotype on paper (incl lijst),  60 x 70 cm ,€1045,- (incl. bezorgen).

Maak een afspraak om dit werk in het echt te bekijken via de knop stel een vraag.

(van 27 t/m 30 dec is dit werk te zien op This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam).

Kunstwerk is beschikbaar.



Young talent Lydia Duijmelinck (1993) graduated from the HKU Fine Art and Design Academy in 2018.

Oriental Aesthetic
Lydia Duijmelinck intends to make the intuitive and spiritual world – that are naturally present for her – visible to the spectator. Labour- intensive ceramics as well as graphic art bring her in a meditative state of mind, leading to an oriental aesthetic that has been influenced by traditional oriental art and oriental philosophy. She uses a unique technique of painting with graphic ink on canvas and plastic sail (monotype), resembling the look of an oil painting dripped in epoxy.

Under water worlds
The two different media are sources for each other and therefore inseparable. The blue and turquoise colours often present in her graphic work as well as the coral looking ceramics are a reference to the underwater worlds, where one experiences the world completely different. Under water there is a kind of peace that cannot be found above the surface. In her work she invites the spectators to experience these peaceful worlds of calmness and contemplation.

Travelling through China
Lydia Duijmelinck is very much interested in oriental culture and art, therefore next year she will travel through China to meet and work with Chinese artists that inspire her.


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